Managing the accounting ‘online’ represents a time and cost saving opportunity for our clients. The benefits of this service will be further enhanced when the new ‘electronic invoicing’ protocol will be launched.

Nowadays the payrolls and accounting process, as for instance flat-rate (minimum amount), simplified, professionals or ordinary, including the formalities required by the tax and social security legislation, can be easily managed with few and simple steps.

Our online accounting system enable clients to safely send files containing the documents (invoices or receipts) simply by accessing the website and utilize the individual PIN issued by us. The submission process is very simple and could be summarized as follow: Once uploaded by the client, the file is received by our operators that will start to process the data transmitted.

After the document’s process has been completed, a copy of the documents (financial statements, VAT position, F24, 730, UNICO, etc.) will be made available in our clients personal ‘mailbox’ to be downloaded.

Upon client’s request, will be possible send copy of the processed documents via email.

The original documents and files are kept by the client, which, in case will be needed, will allow its immediate data content verification.